How I Made The Walkumentary . . .

I recently got the following question from Alien & his high school film class in Maine:

"My high school video and film students have some questions....camera? batteries? GarageBand? Printed cover?"

I posted my response in the "Post Your Own Walkumentary Reviews" thread but will also post it here as a seperate thread in case some folks are interested in this topic.

Camera: Sony Mini-DV DCR-HC46

Batteries: Two 120-Minute InfoLithium Battery (NP-FP50) + Sony Travel Charger

Video Editing Software: iMovie HD 06'

Music Creation: I looped 3 of the tracks together myself on GarageBand 06' and the rest of the music was created by friends including the infamous track "Black Leather" by the amazing Battlecock.

Printed Cover: Discmakers.com whom I highly recommend . . . they printed the jackets, the on-disc design and duplicated the DVD's at a great price.

External Hard Drive: Lacie 320 Gb Extreme with Triple Interface . . . I basically connected my MiniDV cam directly to my LaCie and then the LaCie to my laptop via a Firewire 400 cable.

Computer Used: iBook G4 laptop

Let me know if you have any other questions about how I put The Walkumentary together. I´d be happy to help. And a Big Hello to your Film Class! If they have any questions they can e-mail me directly at lawtong@hotmail.com or reply to this thread directly.
Best, Disco